DNX No-Hassle Service Agreement

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Keep Your Systems Running At Peak Performance
and Eliminate Expensive Downtime.

Fact:   1- Downtime costs your company time and money.
         2- Hiring a full-time computer expert is expensive.  

        Now you can have all the benefits of an on-staff computer expert at a
        fraction of the cost.

DNX Support Agreements are unique service offerings for local businesses who
occasionally need support/training/help with their computers, but don't want to
spend a lot of money or get locked into an expensive support agreement.  Our
network maintenance services are a proactive solution to keep your network and
computers running optimally. Our clients find that the combination of proactive
maintenance and our quick reactive computer support, provide them with the best
possible coverage to maintain uptime. Our custom designed programs are
available to you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Here's how it works:

Whenever you need any kind of assistance with your computers or telephone
equipment, call
(905) 761-0382, and we will schedule a qualified technical
professional to go on-site and assist you with your computer or communication
    ·     No Expiration Date
    .     Single Number to call for both Computers & Telephone equipment
    ·     100  Satisfaction guaranteed, or it is free
    ·     Competitive Rates
    ·     Support For ALL Your Computers - Even Those Not Under Warranty

·  Windows Support
Get your Windows system (Windos 7, Vista, XP, 2008 R2 and 2003 Workstations,  
running properly. If you are having problems or errors when you run Windows, or
if you would like instruction, we can help.

·  Unix Support
DNX can support a wide range of UNIX based systems, our experts are proficient
with Linux, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX and BSD UNIX systems.

·  Network Support
Everything from cabling your office or troubleshooting existing Network systems to
providing and setting up new LANs or WANs.

.  Internet, Wireless Access and VOIP Support
Take advantage of the latest online technology. We'll help you set up fast, easy e-
mail communication at every desk, reference mountains of information on the
World Wide Web or even open your own Internet virtual storefront.

·  Database Maintenance Support
Take advantage of our expert DBA’s for all your MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle,
Sybase needs.  Why hire a full time Data base administrator if all you need is for
someone to perform the any of the following activities:

    - Performance Tuning
    - Software Upgrades / Patches
    - Data Migration
    - Stored Procedure Development / Migration
    - Database Set-up
    - User / Security Set-up
    - Managing Objects
    - Schema Development / Enhancement
    - Documentation

What is more, we can also perform basic monitoring and provide monthly reports
on your database health.

·  E-Mail Messaging Support
We provide full support for Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes
based e-mail systems.  We work with Microsoft Exchange on a daily basis. For
many businesses, email is a primary form of communication and DNX Systems has
the expertise and experience to properly support your Exchange server including
antispam, Blackberry support and managing mailbox limits. Our services include:

  • Install exchange server  
  • Update and maintain exchange databases
  • Defragment exchange databases
  • Create and Manage MX Records
  • Changing from POP3 mail to exchange server
  • Enabling mailbox quotas
  • Configuring SMTP Virtual Server
  • Moving exchange databases
  • Exchange Database recovery  
  • Symantec Brightmail Antispam setup and support

·  Firewall, VPN Support
Take advantage of the latest security and communication technology. We'll help
you set up and maintain, CISCO, Checkpoint and others.

·  Anti Virus & Anti SPAM Support
Take advantage of the latest online Virus protection and SPAM filtering technology.
We'll help you set up fast, easy and secure e-mail communication at every desk.
You can reference mountains of information on the World Wide Web or even open
your own Internet virtual storefront all fully secured.

·  Onsite Hardware Upgrades
Need more RAM? Want a bigger hard drive? Need a tape drive for backing up
important data (you do back up your data, don't you)? Virtually any hardware
upgrade can be done onsite without moving your equipment.

·  Software Installation Assistance
Configuring new computer programs can be tricky. We'll get your new software up
and running quickly, plus, we can free up valuable hard drive space by correctly
removing old software you're no longer using.

·  Diagnostic Testing
Is your system acting up? Is your printer giving you grief? We can get to the root
of the trouble, let you know exactly what the problem is and optimize your
systems performance.

·  Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
We highly recommend a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to be
performed on the critical computers. Proper maintenance will help eliminate some
computer problems as well as costly down time, before it happens. When repairs
are required, 95% can be done quickly onsite without the inconvenience of
removing the computer.

·  Convenient Pickup and Delivery
Forget unhooking computer equipment and lugging it all over town. Whether
you're bringing in new computer systems or sending a machine out for repairs, we
can save you time, effort and money.

Plus look at what else you get!

·  Guaranteed Fast, Reliable Help Desk Service

Place a call in the morning and we'll have a qualified expert call that afternoon. Call
in the afternoon and we will call the next morning. If it's an emergency, we can be
onsite at no extra charge.

·  Expertise - over 100 years of combined Computer-Related Experience
You can feel confident that you're using trained professionals from a respected firm
with references from satisfied local companies.

·  Support For ALL Your Computers - Even Those Not Under Warranty
DNX Support Agreements are a unique plan that gives you professional support
and service for all the computers in your office (not just for one computer like you
get with a typical service agreement).

·  No Expiration Date
Plus, unlike other service agreements that expire whether you use them or not,
Future Agreements have no expiration date, so you're guaranteed to get your
money's worth.

·  100  Satisfaction On All Workmanship and Equipment
All work is guaranteed. If you're not satisfied with our service or support, it's free.
There's simply no reason not to take us up on this risk-free offer.

·  Competitive Rates
DNX Support Agreements are one of the best investments you could ever make. If
you open the phone book and call our competitors, you'll find hourly on-site
charges vary greatly from site to site, give us a call you will be pleasantly

·  Peace of mind knowing you'll have an absolute minimum of computer down time
and any problems will be solved quickly and efficiently.

·  No more headaches trying to figure out what's wrong when you have trouble
with your computer equipment.

·  No more fear of messing something up by trying to add memory, expansion
cards and other internal components yourself.

Call us at 905 761-0382 and ask for a DNX Support Service

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP

  • Windows server 2008, SBS

  • Exchange Server 2007

  • SQL Server 2008

  • BizTalk Server 2009

  • Windows Dynamics

  • Business Vision

  • Cisco & Checkpoint Firewall

  • Astrix Voip systems
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